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Candy Cotton

The Eternal Souls Oracle Deck (Oráculo Almas Eternas) is like your best friend who can look into your eyes and know what you’re thinking, even without you having to utter a word — the friend who knows the right thing to say right when you most need it, who knows the answer to your question before you’ve asked it, and who can understand you even when you don’t think you can be understood.

Whether it’s the beautiful art by Japanese artist Yuri Nakadai or the inspired mantras by author Annelle Figueroa, each of the 36 Eternal Souls Oracle cards has the potential to unlock your unconscious and Higher Mind, revealing not only more of yourself to your Self, but more of the Universe to you too.


The Eternal Souls Oracle Deck does not come with a companion guidebook, thus encouraging you to trust your intuition more deeply with every use. This deck may lend wonderful new perspectives to your daily meditation and prayer, in your journaling, when you contemplate predicaments or relationships, and even when seeking inspiration for your own creative endeavors.


You’ll most intimately understand this phenomenon the moment you hold them in your hands.


May the beauty and insight of their images and words bring you peace and serenity, and strengthen your faith and hope each day as you travel along on your spiritual and healing journey.

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Eternal Souls Oracle | 36 Cards Deck | English and Spanish


Di lo que sientes - Say what you feel

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