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The creator of the Eternal Souls Oracle Deck (Oráculo Almas Eternas) was born on the tiny Caribbean island of Puerto Rico on the 5th of February, when the Sun was in Aquarius and the Moon was in Pisces. These solar and lunar placements may account for her lifelong contemplation of existential questions, her fascination with and pursuit of all things mystical, esoteric, Divine, and spiritual.

She was named Annelle, a name her grandmother first heard on a Spanish soap opera while Annelle’s mom was pregnant with her. Annelle’s name, however, also vibrates with ancestral energy, resounding like a symphonic blend of the names of her grandmother, Ana, and her grandfather, Angel. 

Annelle later discovers that her name's meaning is “God has favored me,” which has helped her to understand her feelings of a strong connection to God, spirituality, and past lives. Through her near-death experiences and through her own mental health journey, Annelle so deeply and undeniably felt God’s presence and support.

It’s these experiences that have inspired a life of peace, humility, and connectedness with nature and the cultures of the world. She is also inspired by the miracle that is her son, through whom she feels a connectedness with her ancestors, including her father, with whom her son and her sister share a birthday.


Annelle holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations which she earned from Barry University in 2003, after which she served several enjoyable years as Director of Business Travel Sales for such brands as Hilton, Westin, and Conrad, as it enabled her to travel far and wide and meet a vast variety of people. In 2020, she began her education in Astrology, which she continues today. And in 2021, Annelle earned her certification as a Holistic Nutritionist.


In 2021, she took the leap of faith to create the Eternal Souls Oracle Deck, inspired by the mantras that have helped her navigate her own spiritual path to peace. She is currently working with a Mexican artist in creating her second oracle deck, and is offering ancestral tarot readings to clients, a service that can be bought through her Etsy shop AncestralAnnelle.

Annelle Figueroa


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